Do you like drama? Do the performing arts interest you? Does the subject of lighting and/or sound make your ears prick up? Maybe you're just really creative and would be interested in making scenery or props? Do you just want to be a part of a team?

What's stopping you? Come along and try it out!

So what's stopping you? Come along and try it out! Here at the theatre group we all support each other and respect each others interests and ideas. You will meet a lot of young people with the most creative and colourful minds you have ever experienced. Experience the enthralling and exciting worlds of pantomime, serious drama, issue-based drama, interactive drama as well as Halloween and Christmas performances!

Suzy Dix is your qualified drama teacher (from the amazing Tin Pot Theatre).


Brampton Youth Theatre is open to all between the ages of 8 and 18 years old and runs every Friday evening between 5pm and 7pm.


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